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The Piccoli family welcomes you to the Hotel Acquadolce!

The project of Hotel Acquadolce was born in 2010 and since then we have made hospitality our reason for being here. Our hotel is our home and we welcome you as our best guests.


The hosts, Renato and Marisa, greet you every day with their smile, with a nice joke or to tell you some curiosities about our beautiful Lake Garda.

Renato, as a passionate sailor, inspired the hotel project, which recalls the bow of a ship. Do you want to know something about the lake? He is the right person.

Marisa's arrival is preceded by the delicious scent of her famous cakes, the ones you find at breakfast every day.


Francesca, the manager, with her staff takes care of the reception and makes you feel at ease at all times of your holiday. From arrival to departure it is your reference point.

His brother Andrea takes care of administration and accounting.

In the meantime, the new generations are growing!


In 2015 we decided to invest heavily to expand the spaces to be dedicated to our guests with the construction of our bright veranda completely made by glass which is now our restaurant and breakfast room.


In 2016, from an idea of Renato, the adventure of Acqua&Sale Restaurant started. The restaurant is available for all internal and external guests. Here you can find Damiano, Francesca's husband, who brought innovation and research of a local and natural cuisine, very appreciated by our guests.


The reception staff, the cleaning staff, the dining room staff and the chef have been at our side with passion and dedication for years and are an integral part of the family.

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